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Joelene Meckstroth

One of a kind  handcrafted pendants 

earrings and trees using 99.9% pure copper wire, semi-precious stones, crystals and beads


Wire Wrap I love to be creative but I'm also a very detailed person. I found that with weaving, twisting, and bending copper I can bring these two concepts together. A detailed weave of pure copper wrapped around beautiful stones creates a natural look that becomes a piece of "wearable art" with no two pendants alike. Most of my woven pieces are sulfured for a beautiful patina. I also create earrings of varying designs. Each earring pair is unique in its own way using pure copper wire or copper sheet that has either been patinaed or heat colored. As I am always wanting to try new techniques and styles you can also find bracelets of varying styles as well as unique pieces that have been copper plated.

My other favorite copper creation is copper trees. You will find the small "Tree of Life" pendants, small 5-6" copper trees and 8" plus larger trees. The trees are of different types (leaves, no leaves, bonsai shaped or natural) and mounted on a variety of bases such as driftwood, manzanita root, walnut, stone, etc. Some of the trees are the natural copper color, some are heat colored and some are a combination of sulfured and natural or heat colored. 

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