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Karen walden

Currently specializing in Cork Leather, a natural sustainable material that comes from the cork oak tree in Portugal is used in "many" designs Karen creates.  Not only is it durable, it is water resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-proof, low maintenance and cleans easily with mild soap and water.    Well cared for items will last for many years!

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Creating Barbie clothes by hand was fashion forward for a young 8 year old Karen.  Fast forward translates to upscale fashionable purses made of various materials   As a retired elementary school teacher Karen loves to research and learn about new materials and products she can use to keep things fresh and fashionable.

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Clutches, Coin, Cross Body, Backpacks, Bags & Purses

All shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics


I am an artist who specializes in creating unique, one of a kind purses, totes, and backpacks. Sewing is my passion. I love using my hands to create something wonderfully special as well as practical. It is my goal that my handmade designer quality bags will bring a person great joy.

I use a variety of sustainable textiles in my bags. Cork is a naturally soft, water resistant and durable fabric. I find it a great alternative to leather. Sometimes I find fabrics that are of a vintage heritage or that have been used, but are still in excellent condition. I have created some beautiful bags with decorator tapestry and vintage barkcloth; a popular drapery fabric in the 1950s. My fabrics also are sourced from places I have traveled in the world.

I love mixing and matching genres as well. I utilize a variety of sewing techniques, such as quilting, fabric weaving, appliqué, embroidery and Japanese shashiko stitching. I am always exploring new artistic applications that will enhance my bag-making artistry.

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