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Rebecca Strong & Bob Jacobson

La Conner Tea Company

In Love With Tea

What I love about tea is you can not rush tea. It is a beverage that requires a calm approach that sets just that pace. I believe we need more calm throughout our day rather than the caffeine jolt of coffee to charge you through a process without being present to what the task is at hand. Black tea has a level of caffeine that offers a gentle lift, enough to spark inspiration to get through the day with mental clarity. I love creating tea blends that satisfies the palate while putting a smile of satisfaction on your spirits face. I love the health benefits tea offers.  I have created these souvenir blends to match what I believe the region would taste like if it were to have a flavor. The Raptor blend is a sweet subtle taste of what one feels when they see a Raptor in the wild in flight or perched up high, or witnessing a catch. 




Ethical Tea Partnership

Our tea is high grown whole leaf luxury tea that is ethically farmed exclusively on estates certified by the ETP (Ethical Tea Partnership). The tea comes from fair trade estates and garden's. All tea harvester's are provided with housing and fair wages as well as child care on site. All of the tea is packaged with a reusable cotton tea bag inside.

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